hi hello ur going to do great today and if u dont believe me then here’s a puppy pug taking a bath





I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

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I feel at ease and quite pleasant today.



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It’s like the air won’t let you move. We feel restless and uncaring. It’s like the air won’t let you twist the arm of someone you love.

this is so beautiful

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why are my mood swings so ridiculous omg

it’s literally hour to hour

I just feel obligated to stay alive
my hair is now a disaster

i cut my hair last night. i had to. i was fed up. the damage from the bleach and the multiplying split ends had become too much. it had to be removed. i was done wearing my mistakes, the ones that had been lingering on me for months.

i had to give myself bangs. i had to. the bleach had dried out the front of my hair so horribly that i couldn’t not. 

the rest that i cut was a mess, so i had to get it professionally taken care of.

too much was cut. it’s too short. at least to my standards. 

i don’t like the layers. 

i liked the bangs for a little under a day. now i don’t.

this isn’t me. this is not my personality. 

i look plain. i don’t look like myself at all.

it needed to be cut. it had to be done. 

at least hair grows back.

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